Salvador Gil
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Energy studies and sustainability

Uses of new technologies for learning Science  

Nuclear Astrophysics

I am a researcher on energy issues and committed to sustainable development. In particular, I work on the rational and efficient use of energy, aimed at preserving our energy resources, making energy benefits accessible to low-income sectors and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, largely responsible for global warming. Energy efficiency is a low cost energy source that does not pollute. More specifically, I collaborate in the development of norms and standards aimed at optimizing the use of household appliances. Likewise, I work on the development of projection models of energy consumption in the short, medium and long term. I collaborated with colleagues from ENARGAS (National Gas Regulatory Agency of Argentina) and the Argentine Ministry of Energy and Mining.
Another activity that I have enjoyed a lot and to which I have devoted considerable attention is the use of new technologies (ICT's) as a tool to improve science learning. In March 2015 Editorial Alfaomega published the book in Spanish  "Experimentos de Física usando TIC's", (Physics Experiments, using ICT) where many projects that we developed with our work group colaboreators and students are presented. In recent times we have been working on the development of low-cost classroom-laboratories, using ICTs, introducing smartphones as measurement instruments in teaching laboratories. We have also developed Internet site dedicated to specific this areas of science and technology, (
Other area of intrerest in my carrer has been nuclear physics, I have worked on the study of nuclear fusion reactions using particle accelerators and on nuclear astrophysics problems. In this last area, the results of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO), research group contributed to solving the problem of the deficit of neutrinos coming from the Sun. These results corroborated the standard model of energy generation from the Sun and detected the mutation between different varieties of neutrinos (Nature 411.12 (2001)), in recognition of these achievements, the director of this project, Prof. Arthur B. McDonald, , was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics and together with the SNO group we received thePremio Breakthrough 2016.



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