Química - Chemistry

Tabla Periódica de elementos  
  ACS   Asociación Americana de Química- EE.UU.
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QHH_online Química el Habitad y el Hombre - UBA - Argentina


Brain Page Presents study of how brain chemicals affect emotion, personality, and sexuality. Also offers links to related sites.
ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry Contains links to software sources, demonstration materials, and other information for chemists.
Chemistry Hypermedia Project Provides a library of hypermedia tutorials related to chemistry.
Chemistry Teacher Resources Provides resources for teachers and high school students of chemistry and original documents created by a science teacher.
Composite Materials Research Group—University of Mississippi Features research conducted by the Composite Materials Research Group at the University of Mississippi. Focuses on the optimization of the pultrusion process for the manufacture of composite materials and mechanical and physical property characterization of composite materials. Features faculty research, facilities and equipment, and graduate school opportunites.
CTI Centre for Chemistry Software Catalogue Lists software you can use in many areas of science, including general science, crystallography, and all areas
  of chemistry. Covers a wide variety of software types and platforms.
Dalton Chemical Laboratories, Inc. Specializes in the synthesis of phosporamidites, oligonucleotides, custom synthesis, and research contracts.
Mendeleev Communications International journal of short communications in chemistry, published jointly by The Royal Society of Chemistry and The Russian Academy of Sciences since 1991. Presents preliminary accounts of original and significant work from Russia, other states of the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere.
Periodic Table of the Elements Contains a periodic table from which you can select an element and get more information, including atomic number, weight, electrons, and a history of its discovery.
SoftShell Online Offers discussions and information on chemistry topics, including electronic publishing, the free ChemWeb GIF structure editor, and other chemistry software (such as ChemWindow and ChemIntosh). Focuses on worldwide access to chemical information. Presents a magazine in which anything can be published. Serves as a resource, a classroom, a library, a bulletin board, and a hangout.
Software Reviews from the CTI Centre for Chemistry Reprints software reviews from the Centre's journal Software Reviews. Helps educators and researchers locate appropriate chemistry-related software.
Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry Explains the history of the earth and the chemistry concepts involved in its formation.
Como funciona una viscosimetro moderno
Biblioteca virtual sobre aplicaciones de surfactantes
Mucho sobre líquidos
La química de los detergentes
Surfactantes - información general


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