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Global Energy Market Place GEM, the Global Energy Marketplace. This powerful, on-line, searchable database of more than 2500 energy efficiency and renewable energy annotated Web links. 
Brookhaven National Laboratory Department of Energy research laboratory is dedicated to basic and applied investigation in several scientific disciplines. Contains an educational section geared for all ages, calendar of events, bulletin board, weekly newspaper, and departmental information.
Centro Argentino de Ingenieros Centro Argentino de Ingenieros- Buenos Aires Argentina
A.S.C.E. - American Society of Civil Engineering  
A.S.M.E .- American Society of Mechanical Engineering  

the American Nuclear Society

Provides information on membership, upcoming conferences, links to student chapters, and links to other WWW resources.


Resource page for bioenergy, bioconversion, and bioprocess technology. Contains an archive of related papers, information on liquid fuels from feedstocks and enzymatic methods. Personnel offer to assist in bioprocess development.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Department of Energy research laboratory is dedicated to basic and applied investigation in several scientific disciplines. Contains an educational section geared for all ages, calendar of events, bulletin board, weekly newspaper, and departmental information.

Clustron Science Corporation

Features information about the Nucleon Clustron Model of the atomic nucleus. Also contains company information and an atomic and nuclear periodic table of elements and isotopes.

CREST’S Guide to Alternative Energy

Contains features and articles related to alternative energy. Also includes links to other related sites and a searchable database.

Ed’s News Page

Daily newspaper devoted to the oil and gas industry. Contains images, news summaries, and links to other news sources.

Energy Science and Technology Software Center

Features software for sale funded by the Department of Energy or The Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Contains a searchable database, title information, ordering specifications, and other general information about the center.

Home Power Magazine

Magazine designed to assist home or business owners in lowering electric costs through solar, hydroelectric or wind energy. Contains articles and stories, subscription information, and links to other alternative energy-related sites.

Investigating Wind Energy

Set up in an educational format by The Franklin Institute Science Museum, this site contains discussions and articles relating to wind energy, information on building windmills, and different ideas and exhibits.

Nova Structure

Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology Web site. Features information about, pictures, and the general process for their project to design an energy efficient house.


All Electrical Engineering Academic Programs (Almost)

Contains a complete listing of electrical engineering academic programs, organized by country.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Provides information on the group's mission, the upcoming world conference, and its programs. Also offers membership information.

Chemical Engineering URLs Directory

Offers a collection of links to information about chemical engineering resources outside the United States. Also offers a collection of links to chemical engineering sites all over the world. Provides information on upcoming conferences and includes many search links.

Crazy about Constraints!

Provides information regarding mechanical engineering manufacturing issues, such as the theory of constraints, the thinking processes, and other Goldratt techniques.

D Banks—Microengineering/MEMS

Provides information on microengineering. Offers a small collection of tutorials and documents. Focuses on micromachining and the fabrication of structures the size of microns.

Fraunhofer Institut for Materials Physics and Surface Engineering

Focuses on basic and applied research for surface processing of materials and components by means of laser and other high-power energy sources.

Institution of Electrical Engineers Home Page

Provides information about membership in the Institution of Electrical Engineers, upcoming events, information services (including searchable databases), and a collection of links to other Internet resources.

Meetings Information

Provides information about materials-related resources and publications. Also offers a list of national or international conferences and seminars on materials engineering.

Micromath's Home Page

Develops software for scientists and engineers, primarily for solving equation systems and fitting experimental data. Offers Mac and IBM software. Also offers MMCalc, a downloadable Macintosh desktop utility program (free).

National Society Of Black Engineers at SDSU

Provides information about the organization, links to other chapter home pages, and an assortment of links to other Web sites. Also includes membership information.

NU Student Chapter ASCE

Provides information regarding the American Society of Civil Engineers. Includes information concerning membership, and offers a calendar and information about other chapters.

Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) Home Page


Provides many links to information about reliability engineering. Also provides information on RAC products and offers a large collection of learning resources.

Reliability Analysis Center Web Server

Collects, analyzes, and disseminates data and information to improve the reliability, maintainability, and quality of components and systems. Publishes databooks, standards, procedural manuals, and a quarterly journal. Provides experts for small and large consulting efforts, with many funding mechanisms available for government agencies and contractors. Offers a bibliographic search form and a database of reliability-related software tools, along with descriptions of products and training courses.

Software Engineering Archives


Provides information regarding software engineering. Offers links to other related information. Includes archives searchable by vendor, category, or name.

Statistical Reports on United States Science and Engineering

Includes the education of scientists and engineers, the science and engineering work force, research and development expenditures and performance, science and technology outputs and impacts, and public attitudes on science.

UAB Thermal and Fluids Engineering Group

Focuses on computational/experimental research related to modeling problems, primarily those involving fluids and heat transfer interactions.


Provides information about the Electric Car project and offers a collection of links to student engineering groups and organizations, along with research-related links.

Unofficial Chemical Engineering Home Page

Describes chemical engineering and offers a collection of links to information about or for chemical engineers.

Virginia Geotechnical Services

Specializes in geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental services, and construction monitoring. Provides useful information concerning professional consulting, the environment, and business practice.

Welcome to Internet Directory of Biotechnology Resources

Provides information on biotechnology engineering on the Internet.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Aerospace

Offers collection of links on aerospace engineering.

WWW Archive for Electric Power Engineering Education

Provides resources for electric power educators. Focuses on the Asia-Pacific region. Also provides information about books and software packages.

Environmental Science

BCRI On-Line

Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels. Focuses on forest biotechnology, environment, advanced transportation systems, ocean engineering, and ergonomics.


Serves as a resource on biological effects of electric and magnetic fields for the general public and professionals. Contains key documents, resources, and literature for those interested in possible health effects from power lines, computer monitors, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, radio communications, cellular telephones, radar, microwave transmissions, and other sources.

Environmental Chemical Corporation

Deals with safety solvents, industrial cleaning, biological products, maintenance supplies, equipment cleaning, truck wash, sewage treatment, degreasers, disinfectant, food processing chemicals, food service, drain maintenance, HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, vehicle maintenance, vehicle cleaning, printing industry, de-icers, and odor control, among other things, as partners for a cleaner, safer environment.

Florida Center for Environmental Studies' Home Page

Provides environmental resources concerning the management of Florida ecosystems and other tropical and subtropical water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems worldwide.

Giovanni Guglielmo's Research Page on Salt Tectonics

Contains free computer animations, 3D visualization, and interpretations of physical and finite element models of salt tectonics.

Greenspan Technology

Specializes in leading-edge water quality monitoring technology for the water resources, environmental, and pollution markets. Offers services ranging from the deployment of single water quality sensors, installation of sophisticated multiparameter monitors, to project management of major hydrological studies worldwide.


A global network of scientific research institutions that collaborate on projects relating to science, technology and innovation policy, ecosystem management, gender science and development, the implications of the human genome project for developing countries, and the international system of science.

Infrastructure Technology Institute (ITI)

Provides information about current research, technology transfer, and education regarding America's infrastructure.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Geneva

Contains many treaties and programs on preserving the environment. Includes information on topics including the "Convention on Biodiversity," climate change, endangered species, and toxic chemicals.


Althausen's WWW Wonderland

Provides information and links to the wonderful world of geography, concentrating on the fields of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Also provides links to pages that deal with the topic. Althausen tosses in pages for his favorite professional teams and musicians as well. Offers links to numerous government agencies.

TIGER Mapping Service

Allows you to generate a high-quality, detailed map of anywhere in the United States, using public geographic data.

United States Gazetteer

Identifies places you can use the Tiger Map Server and the 1990 Census Lookup to view. Lets you search for a place by entering the name and state abbreviation.

Xerox PARC Map Viewer

Enables you to click on a region and zoom in to see areas in more detail.


Centre for Earth and Ocean Research—University of Victoria


Focuses on earth and ocean research.

Civil Engineer's Calendar

Provides information about upcoming events of interest to civil engineers, in a searchable index or obtainable by e-mail.

CNC Relief Maps

Provides models of any size, scale, or vertical exaggeration. Serves the National Forest Service for interpretive centers, fire/watershed analysis, and maintenance.

Data Catalog

Presents a catalog of climate-related datasets, with an interface that enables you to make plots, tables, and files from any dataset, its subsets, or processed versions thereof.

Data Zoo

Contains data collected by various California coastal data collection programs and studies.

Earthquake Info from the U.S.G.S.

Provides earthquake information. Includes plots, news, regional studies, maps, and references.

Geographic Nameserver

Provides geographic information about a specific location, including county, state, country, population, area code, latitude, longitude, and elevation.

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Conducts research and publishes results of the studies for the general public, as well as geologic and minerals specialists.

New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources

Provides a database of mineral images from New Mexico as well as a geologic map.

Niel's Timelines and Scales of Measurement List

Provides information in the areas of evolutionary time, geological time, scales of measurement, and so forth.

Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection

Contains nearly 100 images and short descriptions of gems and minerals.

United States Department of the Interior/Geological Survey/Pacific Marine Geology


Strives to address key marine and coastal issues, increase understanding of geological processes affecting these realms, and ultimately improve predictive capabilities to help guide the preservation and sustainable development of the nation's marine and coastal regions. Offers links to information on seismic activity, information on the Monteray bay area, and sea floor images. Also features a link to a more graphic-intensive version of the site. Contains many resources.

United States Geological Survey: Earth and Environmental Science

Offers links to pages about earthquakes, federal emergency management, oceanography, earth science, geology, and more.



A pre-algebra course for students who have trouble learning math. Provides both a preview and ordering information.

Beauty of Chaos

Provides interactive journey through fractal images. Takes you through most of the database, which consists of hundreds of images.

Ben Cheng's Home Page

Offers a weekly math teaser (which also appears in the journal Matematika) to entertain and stretch your advanced math knowledge. Also presents an art gallery that contains chaos images.

Calculus & Mathematica Home Page

Calculus & Mathematica is a calculus-reform project started at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University. Uses Mathematica, a software package from Wolfram Research, to teach calculus to high school and college students.

Chaos at Maryland

Provides information on the various applications of chaos theory. Includes dimensions, fractal basin boundaries, chaotic scattering, and controlling chaos. Includes online papers, a searchable database, and general references. Also offers the Chaos Gallery.

Chaos Network Sign-In


Offers many links to topics relating to chaos theory, such as fractal mathematics. Recommends books to peruse.


Provides an online catalog for Swedish book publisher, Chartwell-Bratt. Offers English or Swedish databases you can search by title, author, or subject. Includes books on mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

Common Weights and Measures


Contains information on converting to and from metric and United States measurements.

Computational Logic, Inc.

Performs advanced research and development in math modeling of digital hardware and software systems. Includes software and technical reports. Also provides education and consulting services. Offers jumps to university sites that contain information on the mathematical modeling of digital systems.

CPLEX Optimization, Inc. Home Page

Develops large-scale mathematical programming software and services. Provides lists of products and services and offers linear and mixed-integer programming software.

CSC Mathematical Topics


Provides information about mathematical software and guidebooks available at the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC, Finland). Also points to application specialists at CSC for help on specific topics. Provides several kinds of search mechanisms to help find documents. Displays examples of mathematical animations and visualizations made at CSC. Also contains some guidebooks and newsletters published by CSC.

CSC Mathematical Topics: Visualizations

Displays animations (MPG format) of various mathematical theories and areas. Includes Klein bottle, genetic algorithms, Fourier series, and so on.

Data Modeling Web Site

Offers links to many other sites. Builds custom nonlinear curve-fitting software based on your problem.

Dave's Math Links

Provides a Mathcad files library, links to math resources on the Web, and image-processing applications.


Develops tools for database design and reverse engineering.

Dynamical Systems and Technology Project

Provides information on contemporary mathematics, such as fractals and chaos. Includes computer demos, as well as movies on some famous fractal sets.

e-Math Home Page

Home of the American Mathematical Society. Offers professional memberships. Publishes electronic journals, books on math, and the fee-based MathSci database, which features comprehensive coverage of research in mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse DCL

Supports improving teaching and learning in math and science in secondary schools. Offers links to other Internet resources. Presents online catalog and databases, as well as a collection of Internet software and information.

Electronic Textbook: Integrated Course in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

Contains information in the areas of trigonomics, velocity, acceleration, Newton's Laws, chaotic systems, and more.

Fractal Gallery

Presents downloadable color fractal images that show different mathematics problems. Includes the Curve of Von Koch, the Mandelbot Set, and trees, ferns, and mountains.

Fractal Image Compression

Contains links and information regarding fractal image compression. Offers an online bibliography, book reviews, conference announcements, and papers.

Fractal Microscope

Provides information on basic fractals, why they should be discussed, their purposes in the real world, and why supercomputers are necessary for fractals.

Fractals Calendar Home Page

Provides information on obtaining the Fractal Calendar, a calendar specifically designed to show off some of the newer discoveries in fractal mathematics. Also offers previous editions of the calendar.

Fractals Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Contains all of the frequently asked questions about fractals.

Future Graph, Inc. Home Page

Offers many links to math-related sites.

GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Gateway to NIST guide to available mathematical software. Allows searching by package name or, more interestingly, by what problem it solves.

Guide to Math Resources

Offers resource jump list to various math resources, including the Latex, Tex, and Maple packages. Also contains jumps to math-related Gopher sites, newsgroups, math institues, and a math software index.

History of Mathematics

Contains biographies of mathematicians, searchable by alphabetical or chronological index (and some include pictures).

IMA WWW Server

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. Provides the newsletter and back issues of the newsletters of this professional organization.

IMSA Home Page

Provides information about the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, a residential public high school for students talented in the fields of math and science.


Lets you import code into Mathematica. Gives users a way to organize and use Mathematica Notebooks. Also displays graphics rendered in Mathematica.

Internet Center for Mathematics Problems

Attempts to identify and list all sources of math puzzles on the Internet. Lists problems from back issues of the Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences and the Fibonacci Quarterly and contains information about other sources of math puzzlers such as newsgroups and books.

Logal Software Home Page

Develops and markets math software for middle school through college.

Math Teaching Assistant

Contains a math tutoring program developed for classroom computer labs aimed at secondary school students.

Mathematica World

Electronic distribution center and support center for various math-related newsletters, most of which are based on Mathematica software.

Mathematics Archives WWW Server

Provides ftp access to shareware and public domain software for teaching math on the college level. Also provides information and software for people interested in math, as well as links to secondary school software. Includes considerable information on software.


A mathematics computer lab. Features downloadable undergraduate level courseware (designed to run under Unix and Mathematica) on geometry, graph theory, and complex analysis.

MathSearch—Search a Collection of Mathematical Web Material

Allows you to search a collection of over 19,000 documents on mathematics and statistics servers.

MathSoft Home Page

Offers technical support, news, and product catalog.

MathSolutions, Inc. Home Page

Distributes MathTensor, an add-on for Mathematica that performs tensor analysis. Also provides links to resources and offers papers.

MathSource Home Page

Provides a collection of downloadable Mathematica packages, notebooks, examples, and programs. Offers list
of related Web sites.

MathType Home Page

Houses an equation editor for Mac and Windows machines. Offers technical support, registration, and product information.

MathWorks Home Page

Offers MATLAB, a high-end mathematics software package, as well as links to jobs, news, and books. Provides information on the Pentium chip flaw. Also presents products and services and an online copy of the MATLAB newsletter.

More Fractal Pictures

Serves as a resource for fractal images that show the concepts of chaos theory (geared to grades K through 12).

Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL

Contains a large number of downloadable math-related programs (most of the software is shareware). Contains papers about different research on mathematical topics, many of which involve computers. Also offers links to other math-related databases.

Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd.

Produces numerical, symbolic, statistical, and visualization software for science, engineering, financial analysis, and research.

Online Image Archiver

Presents math-related images, such as Mobius strips and Kleinband.

Precision Large-Scale Dimensional Metrology/ Measurement

Offers precision large-scale measurement, typically dimensional measurements with .001 inch accuracy.

Principia Consulting Home Page

Offers training on Mathematica; gives Mathematica support; and does custom programming. Lists fees and availability of training. Provides information on fine-tuning performance with Mathematica.

Quantum Books Home Page

Online technical bookstore. Specializes in computer topics such as the Internet, programming, and graphics, as well as in books pertaining to mathematics and physics.

Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc.

Offers scientific computing software. Provides information on MathTensor, Schur, and Mathematica. Also offers consulting, which includes porting software to Sun systems. Offers links to Mathgroup, a Mathematica support group.

TMP at Imperial College London

Uses Mathematica to make learning modules for first year university science and engineering students. Provides learning modules for calculus, algebra, matrices, and so on.

Transmath—A CBL Mathematics Tutor

Offers mathematics courseware using Toolbook (hypertext) documents with Microsoft Windows. Provides instruction on algebra, matrices, vectors, and sequences.

Union Mathematica Argentina

Organizes workshops, talks, meetings, and conferences, and edits several magazines in mathematics and education.

Video Vita

Produces “edutainment” products in mathematics, science, and technology. Offers an online video sample.

Waterloo Fractal Compression Page

Provides information on fractal compression software and papers on fractal compression.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

Provides links to all things mathematical. Includes jumps to math software, gophers, newsgroups, electronic journals, preprints, bibliographies, TeX Archives, and high school and university math sites.



Presents an online catalog of weather instruments and related products. Also offers a customized weather forecast service that provides separate weather forecasts for agricultural, business, and corporate needs.

Alden Electronics

Provides weather data systems, marine electronics, and specialized imaging products and papers. Offers software, hardware, and customized data products.

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center

Provides the latest hurricane information and other weather information dealing with tropical cyclones.

Automated Weather Source—Nationwide School Weather Network

Provides national weather information from images to textual data. Also presents a photo gallery of severe weather by storm chasers throughout the country.

Current Weather Maps/Movies

Offers timely JPEG weather maps and MPEG movies of radar motion (also offers a text version).

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

Two satellite constellations of near-polar orbiting, sun-synchronous satellites that monitor meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-terrestrial physics environments. Features currently occurring meteorological phenomena.

Earth Watch Communications, Inc.

Contains many images of 3D satellite views from space. Also plugs its 3D software package that integrates 3D weather visualization with a global database to create a virtual world.


Serves as guide to weather, ski reports, and ocean conditions. Provides information for weather novices and professionals.

Interactive Marine Observations

Gives access to meteorological and oceanographic data being reported by buoys and CMAN stations in the Atlantic, United States, and Pacific. Reloads automatically every two minutes if you have Netscape.

Interactive Weather Browser

Provides the capability to type any city's station ID and receive up-to-the-minute conditions. Also enables you to build a weather map, checking off only the options you want to include on the surface map.

International Weather Watchers Official Home Page

Nonprofit group of weather enthusiasts. Includes information about the group, links to weather-related information, and an offer to receive a free bulletin the group puts out.

NASA Weather Archive


Provides archive of weather images taken by the space shuttle and NASA satellite systems.

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Consists of several scientific divisions and programs working together with member universities on research activities to better understand Earth's climate systems. Includes information on resources, facilities, and
services; the research data archives; and weather-related information.

National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center

Contains resources for the researcher, advanced student, and hobbyist interested in the latest information on tropical weather conditions, as well as archival information on weather data and maps. Provides links to other NOAA information and satellite data.

National Severe Storms Laboratory

Provides information about the laboratory, including current research and programs. Does not offer specific information on severe weather but does provide links to sites that do. Also includes an extensive list of links to "Web literacy" sites.

National Weather Service

Provides all information output by the NWS, including national and international weather in graphical and textual formats, and information about regional offices. Also offers links to NOAA and other NWS programs.

Seismological Laboratory

Provides many seismology-related resources, including the record of the day, recent earthquake activity, and publications.

Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) Real-Time Data

Includes weather information and ocean temperatures.

Storm Chaser Home Page

Includes information about storm chasers, a photo gallery of storms, and the latest news about the Storm Chasers group. Also provides information about storm chasing at home, including how to contact the NWS.

Warren Faidley's Storm Chasing Home Page

Presents photos of severe weather taken by Warren Faidley, full-time storm chaser.

Weather and Climate Images

Offers short- and medium-range forecasts for North America and current weather maps and climate anomaly models for the rest of the world. Provides a key to the weather maps and a table of weather symbols.

Weather and Global Monitoring

Provides pointers to various weather services worldwide.

Weather Channel

Includes information about the Weather Channel and also provides novice weather enthusiasts with simple weather maps.

Weather Net

Tries to list every weather-related link on the Internet. Includes not only WWW sites, but ftp sites, gophers, and telnet sites. Includes commercial sites as well as educational and governmental sites.

Weather Page

Lists weather links out of Harvard University. Includes brief descriptions of each link. Also provides links to aviation information.

Miscellaneous Science Sites

American Electronics Association

Provides information on AEA and its activities and services, including an events calendar, a directory of services, and a membership roster. Provides instant links to more than 100 high-tech firms.

California Academy of Sciences

“From the exhibits we build, to the research we conduct, lectures we sponsor, courses we teach, magazines and books we publish, symposia we host…the Academy’s aim is to shed light on the wonders and value of the natural world.” The academy’s site contains links to exhibits, research departments, educational classes at Cal Academy, a newsletter, and other museum-related information.

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

Contains public domain and freely distributable software, publications, and other materials of interest to AI researchers, educators, students, and practitioners.

Consciousness Research Laboratory

Contains a bibliography of alternative research, parapsychology, cognitive science, human factors, and science fiction. Includes an online experiment in which visitors can participate.


Provides this interactive science museum's exhibits, workshops, projects, programs, events, and schedules. Includes a quarterly magazine, gifts, learning publication tools and resources, and images and sounds.

Explorer Home Page

Provides access to thousands of science and math documents, lesson plans, and software for use in educational settings. Provides information about each item before you download, as well as how they fit into curriculum goals.

Great Canadian Scientists

Presents a collection of material on Canadian scientists and science. Includes biographies of several scientists, descriptions of their greatest claims to fame, and activities. Presents an interactive quiz that tests knowledge and guides users around the site looking for answers. Also includes images and text.

ISB Working Group on Footwear Biomechanics

Organization of biomechanics experts who study footwear for sports and other functional applications. Includes information on the organization and abstracts of papers.

National Chipcard Forum

Provides information about smartcards and chipcards on the Net, as well as on the outcome of the forum's studies and projects. Also presents brochures and more.

National Museum of Natural History

Provides information about the museum, exhibits, and what a visitor might expect. Contains useful information about various programs and several searchable databases.

National Science Foundation

Provides information on government funded efforts to improve science in this country. Also provides information on past and present grant information and presents NSF publications.

Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center Home Page

Contains current and past issues of the NTIAC Newsletter, calendars of events, calls for papers, NDE book reviews, cross links to other NDE sites, and other information.

Nye Labs

Houses PBS's Bill Nye the Science Guy. Serves as a place for students to learn science and have fun at the same time. Includes a set of links to science on the Web, show listings, and activities to do at home.

Olivetti Research Laboratory

Contains research reports on various activities of the Lab in the area of computer multimedia architecture, gestural input, face recognition, and so on. Also of interest is the link to "The World Right Now," which shows live outdoor images from different parts of the world. Also available in Italian.

On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research

Presents a publication that addresses issues relevant to being a responsible scientist and researcher. Covers issues such as values, experimental technique, authorship practices, and the scientist in society.

Point Source Ltd.

Designs and manufactures customized fiberoptic and laser diode systems for the photonics industry. Provides flexible fiber-optic solutions to equipment manufacturers and research establishments throughout the world.

Sargent Welch Scientific Company

Lists catalog items and links them to science education references on the Web. Includes MSDS, safety checklist, and other references.

Science Television

Specializes in producing programs for the professional and educational use of the scientific community. Provides MPEG clips that help visualize complex sets of scientific data.

Society for Scientific Exploration

Explores issues ignored or not studied adequately in the mainstream scientific community. Contains abstracts to some articles published in their journal.

SRI's Optical Technology Group

Performs research in optics and related disciplines and applies optical and infrared technologies to practical problems. Includes research in optical oceanography and laser eye and sensor protection.


Provides information relating to the topic of superplasticity. Offers literature databases, experimental results, and software relating to superplasticity.

Systems Realization Laboratory

Develops mechanical design techniques, higher learning, and environmentally friendly designs.

Technology Review Magazine

Covers technology and its implications. Addresses the practical applications of science, as opposed to laboratory breakthroughs and theoretical abstractions. Emphasizes policy issues rather than nuts and bolts.

Vibrant Technology, Inc.

Offers a downloadable application demo for a modal analysis system for viewing and analyzing noise and vibration in structures.

Virtually Hawaii

Provides easy access to earth and space science data. Focuses on Hawaii. Offers a database of satellite, space shuttle, and aircraft remote sensing images of Hawaii. Enables you to view image navigators for Landsat, Spaceborne Radar, or aerial photographic images. Also includes a collection of images in oceanography, meteorology, and volcanology.

Web Station—New Media Science

Serves Nordic companies and institutions that want to strengthen their position in their markets by using multimedia as one of several business tools.

Westinghouse Science and Technology Center

Information center for the Westinghouse Science & Technology Center.

X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Coefficients

Displays graphic presentation of all X-ray and gamma-ray coefficients. Includes links to other nuclear data and a program for calculating shielding and dose deposition.

Yale NMR Research Group

Concentrates on biomedical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.


ASLO Home Page

"The purposes of ASLO are to promote the interests of limnology, oceanography and related sciences, to foster the exchange of information across the range of aquatic science, and to further investigations dealing with these subjects." Contains general information about the organization, as well as information on careers and job listings.

Coral Health and Monitoring Home Page

Provides services to help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world. Contains general information about coral, as well as a listing of links to other sites about coral.

CSIRO Division of Oceanography

Offers two links: The Climate and Ocean Processes link provides information on research in this area, and the Marine Environment and Resources link contains additional information on current research.

El Nino Theme Page

Explains El Nino (frequently referred to on oceanography pages), a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific that affects weather around the globe.

GLOBEC Information

Designed to be a collaborative effort between physicists, biologists, and chemists. Attempts to more rapidly further research on oceanography through collaboration (made possible by Internet technology, including this Website).

List of Oceanography Resources

Lists oceanography Web sites. Contains a listing of the major NOAA Web sites and links to some of the better Web sites of educational institutions.

National Marine Fisheries Service

Provides services and products to support domestic and international fisheries management operations, fisheries development, trade and industry assistance activities, enforcement, protected species and habitat conservation operations, and the scientific and technical aspects of NOAA's marine fisheries program. Offers links to oceanographic information, particularly data concerning fish life.

NEMO—Oceanographic Data Server

Provides a collection of data sets for physical oceanographers. Offers many holdings only to local users. Offers information on shore temperature and winds to all users.

NOAA Coastal & Estuarine Oceanography Branch

Contains information on the physics of coastal waterways and the movement of the waters and the causes of those movements.

NOAA Home Page

Provides information about National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research, current weather information, and links to all other NOAA projects. Also includes latest news involving NOAA and the NOAA mission statement. Includes information about seasonal forecasts, fisheries, protected species, coastal ecosystems, and navigation.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program

Includes searchable databases on climate modeling, ice cores, paleoceanographic, paleovegetation, tree-ring, and other data. Provides alternate search engines for users who cannot use tables.

Ocean Planet Home Page

Presents an online version of an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Also contains many resources.

Oceanography Links: Oceanography on the World Wide Web

Lists Web sites dealing with the field of oceanography. There are sublistings of educational and government institutions as well as listings of other online resources such as images, project descriptions, and research articles.

Oceanography Society

Offers general membership information. Maintains a news posting system. Covers a wide variety of topics ranging from highly scientific issues to elementary level oceanography education under the "News System" heading.

Parallel Ocean Program (POP) Simulation

Simulates the global ocean circulation. Covers research being conducted by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Naval Postgraduate School. Contains an array of images as well as MPEG movies.

Pathfinder Cafe

Contains more than 28,000 images. Serves as resource for finding oceanography images. Provides an interface for acquiring and viewing Pathfinder images.

Safari Splash

Links people around the world and in classrooms to students and experts diving in an ocean environment. Features the Safari Touch Tank, in which you click on an image of plants and animals to call up a description, large image, 3D animation, and Webster definition of the item you choose.

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory

Contains real-time data for meteorology and oceanography, as well as images and archives of publications. Includes video footage and offers the capability to make comments on the site and its contents.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library

Caters to the information needs of the research and educational activities of Scripps Institution.

Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images

Provides access to the University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography's archive of sea surface temperature satellite images. Also includes an online lesson plan for teachers who want to incorporate the images into a lesson.

SeaWiFS Project Home Page

Provides access into the background, status, and documentation for NASA's upcoming global ocean color monitoring mission. Offers online documentation on this project, including educational resources.

SelectSite Ocean Technology

Provides pointers to businesses that specialize in ocean technology. Also lists conferences and reference sites, some of which might have something to offer someone doing non-business related research.

TAMU Oceanography Welcome Page


Contains a variety of information. Includes a section on questions about careers in oceanography. Also offers links to online journals and research articles and resources related to oceanography.

Topex/Poseidon—The Ocean Topography Experiment

Cooperative project between the United States and France to develop and operate an advanced satellite system dedicated to observing the Earth's oceans. Contains archives and updates for the project.

United States JGOFS Home Page

Contains information on current professional programs and studies. Includes current images of the world's major oceans as viewed with satellite technology. Also contains recent oceanography references on the Web.

United States WOCE Home Page

Provides information about the present United States WOCE plans and details the status of current work.

Welcome to OCEANIC

Maintains information on World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE), TOGA Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA COARE), research ship information and cruise schedules, and other oceanographic information sources.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

Contains general oceanographic information. Includes a listing of oceanography Web sites.

Word about the International Oceanographic Foundation

Explains the mission of the International Oceanographic and contains an excellent definition/explanation of the field of oceanography.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Oceanography

Provides links to a variety of Internet resources on oceanography. Offers links to Web resources by geographic area. Links to the "What's New" link, which contains a listing of sites that have recently announced or renovated their Web sites.


Columbus Rock and Mineral Society

This site is dedicated to information on rocks, minerals and fossils. Lists schedules meetings and field trip and links to other sites devoted to the collection and study of fossils and minerals.

Dino Russ’s Laur

Web site devoted to information aboout varius dinosaurs. Features links to dinosaur and vertebrate paleontology, and earth and geoscience sites. Also contains information concerning contacts for those interested in participating in actual dinosaur digs.

Dinosauria On-Line

Features dinosaur articles, discussions and essays, reference materials and dinosaur products for sale. Also contains the names and dates of all the geological time periods and links to other dinosaur related Web sites.

Exposure Excursions

Vacation planners that arrange paleontological excursions into the “badlands” of Alberta Canada.

Gulf Of St. Lawrence Microfossil Catalogue

Contains searchable database of microfossil images.

Museum of Paleontology

Devoted to the explanation and understanding of paleontology. Also contains sections on phylogeny, geological time, and evolutionary thought.

Raymond M. Alf Museum

Features a paleontologic museum tour. Also contains information about various collections that the museum carries.

UC Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology

Online museum covering the different aspects of paleontology. Features educational catalogs and exhibits.

University of California Museum of Paleontology: Bringing Life's Past and People Together

Presents dinosaurs and fossils. Simulates a visit to a real museum of paleontology. Enables you to visit different exhibits to discover fossil images, background data, and geological information.



A professional literature database containing abstracts about wildlife, ecology, fisheries, ornithology, biology, and zoology.


Serves as a resource for Alpaca ranchers, breeders, weavers, spinners, investors, and anyone who wants more information about alpacas.

Cornell Ornithology Collection

Provides information about the history of the ornithology program at Cornell. Offers a useful link to a gopher search tool for scientific information on bird species.

Electronic Zoo

Contains information about animals and animal-related resources. Offers many links to information on nearly any animal.

Insect Behavior Group

Site run by zoology professors and students at the University of Toronto. Contains several articles about insect behavior and communication.

NetVet Veterinary Resources

Provides information related to veterinary medicine. Offers the Electronic Zoo, a large collection of animal-related computer resources.

NetVet Veterinary Resources and the Electronic Zoo

Provides lists for animal resources. Includes links organized by animal (cats, dogs, insects, and so forth), electronic publications, legislation, organizations, biology, and medicine.

Virtual Emu

A biodiversity and bird conservation group in Australia. Features a library of bird images and listings of threatened birds.

Zoology Department

Zoology department at The University of Tasmania Web site. Contains information about the department and its programs. Also has information for contacting the department.

Zoological Record

Contains links to various zoological resources. Provides an online glossary.